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Forging the new era of Australian manufacturing

Now 12 months old, the Bring it Home campaign was initiated to promote the opportunity cost of businesses procuring the supply of their products offshore. With the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic still being discovered, the short term pain felt by businesses in rising logistics and container costs, raw materials shortages and forced closures is undeniable. More businesses are making the switch to Australian made, working hand in hand with Australian manufacturers to bring their business back home.

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Does your business procure products offshore? Bringing your business back home could help you save in more ways than one:

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Reduced international freight headaches

Reduced impact of FOREX fluctuations

Faster, local manufacturing

No more restrictive, upfront payments

How can I save?

Why local procurement makes sense:


Many international suppliers required a fixed, upfront payment on large, minimum order quantities. Switching to an Australian based manufacturer provides greater flexibility on orders quantities and payment options, putting the power back in YOUR hands, not the international supplier.

Restrictive Payments
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Production Lead Times


Standard sea freight lead times can vary from 5 to 16 weeks. Supply chain disruptions related to administrative errors, poor logistics strategies or even slow handlers can significantly impact your business's operations, often leaving your customers frustrated or sourcing product from another business. With local manufacturing, fast production lead times and clean logistics mean your order could be ready for dispatch within 48 hours and on it's way to you before you know it.

Forex Fluctuations
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Fluctuating currency exchange rates are part and parcel of sourcing offshore globally, but when does the cost of currency variances outweigh the inconsistent savings you make from doing so? Unpredictable forex rates can seriously impact cash flow forecasts and create uncertainty within your business. Partnering with a local manufacturer creates clarity related to pricing, empowering you to run your business with far more certainty.



International shipping container costs have bloated significantly, as has estimated delivery timeframes. Drewry's composite World Container Index fluctuated significantly across 2021, with container costs reportedly increasing up to 278% from the year prior1. Sourcing local product from an Australian manufacturing partner equates to reduced impact of international freight costs and faster lead times from order to delivery.

Interatonal Freight

Speak with the team at Holloway Group

Our team is ready to support you to reshore your manufacturing. With a committed and experienced team of Industrial Designers, Machine Operators, Automation Technicians, Sales, Marketing and Logistics professionals, we'll bring your manufacturing home and give you the support you need. Simply complete our online enquiry form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

Holloway Group - A proud Australian maufacturer.

Support Australian made and Australian's in jobs

From concept development and design to mass manufacturing of premium, industrial grade injection moulded products, by partnering with Holloway Group, you not only provide your business peace of mind, but also support Australian's in jobs.

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